How To Square Off A Quilt The PROPER Way!

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Most people think of quilting as all fabrics and sewing, and while there is plenty of that to go around, completing a quilt has a few more detailed steps to it! There’s basting, blocking, and of course, squaring off – just to name a few. These finishing steps aren’t always the most exciting or fun part about quilting, but they are necessary to get to the finished product! No one wants a bunch of quilt tops strewn about the house without being finished!

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Here in this skills video from the mazing Rob from Man Sewing, we learn a few super helpful tips and tricks of the trade in regards to squaring off a quilt. What this means, is simply getting the edges straight before you do the binding and other finishing touches on the quilt.

Most of us know how to line up a ruler and cut, but Rob shows us some DOs and DON’Ts that really make this process so much easier. Maybe with these new tools in your quilting belt, you won’t dread finishing the quilt as much! Go ahead and watch the video below to see how Rob likes to square off his quilts.

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