Space: the final frontier. Luckily you don’t need rocket science to organize your small closet and make the most of the space you’re given! Here are our favorite space-saving hacks for those tiny closets, be they in the bedroom, the kitchen, or the bathroom. Go on, conquer that tiny closet!

Use Magazine Racks As Organizers

Brilliant! Why have I never thought of this before? I’m always losing the plastic wrap or accidentally knocking it to the floor. Never again!

Use Clothespins to Hang Tights (or underwear)

I don’t know how many tights I have to hang, but this would be great for leggings, undergarments, and socks!

Tie Holder As Tanktop Holder

Never waste a hanger on a tanktop again! This is so genius, and will open up a ton of hangers in my closet. Looks like it’s time to go shopping!