How To Accurately Measure And Size A Crochet Hook

I was cleaning out my yarn stash the other day and to my surprise, I found three crochet hooks in the bottom of the basket! I totally forgot about them; they must’ve been from the first couple of crochet projects I ever worked on, as they were all three rather big. But how big? Since I was a novice crocheter, I didn’t keep the packages for the hooks, and they didn’t have any markings indicating size. Luckily for me, Jayda has a fool proof way to measure and size any crochet hook (or knitting needle), even without one of those fancy hook measuring devices. All you need for this method is a tape measure marked in millimeters, and the hook in question. Go ahead and try out this method for yourself!

Now that you know the size of your hooks, it’s time to get crocheting! Why not try some of these easy crochet projects?

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