Put Those Scraps To Good Use With This Sweet Pillow!

Don’t let those scraps go to waste…use them for this!

We have said it before and you better believe we will say it again, but we absolutely hate throwing away our scrap yarn, so we tend to hoard all of it and then look for new and interesting ways to repurpose it later on.

Here, we have a great project for you, thanks to Meladora’s Creations for Crochet, that utilizes a bunch of those scraps and turns them into an absolutely beautiful pillow cover!

We can not wait to share it with you so be sure to check out the video below, grab your hook, scrap yarn and get to work; it is time to give that of yours a super fun DIY makeover!

When you are done, we want you to take a picture and share it with us so we can see just how beautiful your pillows turned out!