You’ll Never Believe What He Turns His Scrap Wood Pile Into!

Get inspired to dig into your scrap wood pile and create!

If your scrap wood pile looks anything like Steve’s, then you’ll want to follow along in the video below to see one creative way he uses up his scrap wood! Isn’t this such a fun little project? While we love working on furniture and other practical projects, it’s nice every once in a while to take a little break and clean out the scraps!

And what better way to use up scraps than to reintegrate them into home decor! Especially if you have a table or other furniture in the house where the wood would match.

I just love everything about this project. It’s fun, simple, and best of all – no cost! The project is made entirely of different kinds of wood scraps. Of course, you don’t have to do everything just like Steve – the idea is that you’ll get inspired to do your own kind of creative art project.

Go ahead and see how it’s done, and don’t forget to share a photo with us of your finished scrap wood project!