She Paints A Few Lines On Wood To Get This Easy Outdoor Holiday Decor!

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Are you ready for the holiday season? It’s in full swing around our house! Sometimes we get so excited about decorating the inside of our house – the tree, the fireplace, the entryway, etc., that the outside of the house gets neglected. Sure, we have some lights up, but isn’t there a way we can do more? While we admire the dedication of some of our neighbors with the inflatable snowmen and a life-size replica of Santa and his reindeer, we’re hoping to find some outdoor decor that is a little more low-key. Enter: Rustic Santa Logs.

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Aren’t these little guys just adorable? Even the most novice of crafters can accomplish this task. The hardest part is to get the angle cut in the wood. If you or a friend feels comfortable with a chainsaw, it’s relatively simple to cut the log. If, however, you’re not comfortable cutting a log, you can always take it into your local hardware store where they most likely offer cutting services for a small fee.

Once you get the wood cut, it’s just a matter of painting a red section, a white section, and two little dots for eyes! Add on a cotton ball for the nose, and put your Santa outside! You could always mix things up and have several logs with a snowman, a reindeer, an elf, etc. Use whatever you have on hand to give it your own special touch. See how it’s done in the video below! Happy holidays!

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