Read In Style With These Adorable Ribbon Bookmarks!

Ribbon Bookmarks
How cute are these bookmarks? I love that literally everything about them can be customized – from the ribbon, to the button, to the hair tie! This is such a clever way to add a little style to any book. Not only would these bookmarks make the perfect gift for the book lover in your family, but they are a sustainable alternative to paper bookmarks that get worn out and tossed after a few weeks. Look at you, practically saving the planet by making and using these cute bookmarks. Check out the simple tutorial video below:


– Decorative ribbon – at least ½ in. wide

– Elastic hair bands

– Decorative buttons

– Scissors

– Needle & Thread


Cut ribbon into 18 inch strips. (This is for an average sized book.)

Fold one end of the ribbon over ¼ inch.

Fold it over another ¼ inch (creating a loop) and stitch across

Repeat folding & stitching at the other end – adding the hair tie before folding in order to attach it to ribbon.

Sew on button to original end of ribbon.

Mark your place in your current book, enjoy your cute new bookmark!

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