Mom Creates The Cutest Little Reading Nook For Her Daughter’s Bedroom

A mom’s 8-year-old daughter is obsessed with reading, so the interior designer built her a reading nook.

My fellow bookworms, prepare to get crazy jealous of an 8-year-old girl’s reading nook. It is truly what we missed out on as kids.

Cate Holcombe’s 8-year-old daughter is obsessed with reading, so when it came time for Cate – who works as an interior designer – to redecorate her room, this mother knew that a book nook was going to be a priority for her child.

Photo: Cate Holcombe

And wow, is the idea of the reading nook a good one. I really wish my mom had created me something like this.

Cate Holcombe said, “I decided I could take advantage of the sloped ceiling in one corner of the room, and incorporate it into the tent design. I figured out a simple way to hang the fabric so it would close completely if she wanted to tuck herself away to read or play.”

Photo: Cate Holcombe

The first task on the to-do list was to find the correct fabric. Cate went with a pretty linen floral for the inside – buying 23 yards of it. To create the exterior of the text, she bought 10 yards of a solid print that complemented the floral pattern.

If you’re reading this and getting ideas but also have a budget in mind, Cate suggests checking with the local fabric store in order to see if they’re offering discounts or selling overstock fabric at a lower cost – sometimes you can find great bargains for less than $10 per yard.

When she went to assemble the outer walls, Cate stapled the fabric to a wooden strip, which was then secured to the ceiling.

Photo: Cate Holcombe

She found her biggest challenge to be sewing the fabric together in order to make it appear as one big square.

Cate added that she isn’t a seamstress, saying, “If you look closely, you can see that the corners and edges don’t line up.”

Photo: Cate Holcombe

In order to cover up one rather messy corner, she covered it with scalloped trim along the edge – hiding the mistake and adding a nice touch of detail.

Once the tent base was complete, the real fun of decorating could begin. Cate began with some wooden bookshelves, plus a comfy armchair and a plug-in tassel sconce in order to give the reading environment that perfect cozy feel. She added other creature comforts such as a pink rug and loads of fluffy pillows.

Photo: Cate Holcombe

So, what does her daughter think of the place? Apparently, “she loves that she can curl up with a good book, and hide away from her little sister,” Cate said.

Can I get a reading nook where I can curl up and hide from everyday life?

For more pictures of the entire makeover, plus a complete tutorial, you can check out Cate Holocombe Interiors.