Pros And Cons Of Meal Delivery Services

Does convenience outweigh cost when it comes to meal delivery services?

Meal delivery services are super popular these days, offering to help you try new foods, learn new recipes, and have all of the right ingredients at your fingertips for added convenience. Rather than going out to eat, or sacrificing more time out of your busy schedule to run to the grocery store for this-and-that, a meal delivery service can take care of your food needs with minimal hassle on your part.

The promise of easily prepared or ready-made food that is healthy and easy is certainly inviting. But, before you dive in and order from one of these popular services, consider this list of pros and cons before making the food and financial commitment.


  • You’ll eat out less and save money. Going out to eat, especially just grabbing fast food, seems like an easy way to take care of meals, but a food delivery service can offer you healthier options that will be less expensive than regularly eating out. Prepared meal services prevent you from buying groceries for meals that you either make too much of or fail to get to during a busy week. If your budget allows, and it is something you can invest in, a meal prep plan may help you stop wasteful food spending.
  • You’ll learn how to cook. These boxed delivery services perfectly portion out ingredients, but still requires that you prepare them. If you want to hone your culinary skills, this is a great way to learn a new recipe and how to prepare it.
  • Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Food delivery services offer you the chance to try new foods and cook with different ingredients. If you’re looking to expand your horizons with tested and recommended recipes, then a delivery service might be just for you.


  • The Cost. Once you sign up for a food subscription service, you will find that the initial fee you paid to get in will increase as you become a more regular customer. Consider what you’re willing to pay and for how long. While you might save money by not eating out, it still is not cheaper than going to the grocery store. You can do your own meal prep by planning ahead to buy the foods you will need and cooking them at home.
  • You might get a meal you don’t like. Although you have a menu of options to choose from, you may receive something you don’t like. Put on your adventurous hat and try something new, unless you’re prepared to throw away – and waste – that food.
  • While some companies offer recipe cards and ingredients, many are pre-made meals that you simply reheat and eat. And while this might satisfy a real need for some customers, if you’re interested in learning how to cook, a packaged meal delivery service might not be for you.