Adorable Coffee Cozie In 30 Minutes Or Less!

Learn a new stitch, and make a new coffee sleeve!

How cute is this coffee sleeve? I just love the criss cross style of this, as well as the cute buttons! Plus, using the pop corn stitch, or puff stitch, means that this project works up super quickly. If you’re unfamiliar with the pop corn stitch, just watch the video below and see how it’s done. Basically, yarn over and insert the hook into the stitch as if double or half double crocheting. Pull the loop up, yarn over again, and insert the hook in the same stitch. Pull the loop up, yarn over a third time, insert hook in the same stitch and pull loop up. Finally, insert the hook and pull the working yarn through all 4 loops on the hook. This stitch creates such a great texture for any project, but I especially love it on this coffee sleeve. Check out the free pattern below the video!

Pop Corn Stitch Coffee Cozie

Row 1: chain 30. Turn.

Row 2 & 3: single crochet front loops only. Turn.

Row 4: Chain 2, puff stitch in next stitch, skip a stitch. Repeat puff stitch & skipping every other stitch. Turn.

Rows 5-7: Chain 2, puff stitch in the spaces left in the previous row (between the puff stitches), chain 1. Continue alternating puff stitch & chain 1.

Rows 8 & 9: single crochet front loops only.

Slip stitch down the side of the sleeve. Chain 20. Attach to same side with a slip stitch, creating a loop. Repeat for second loop, slip stitching down about an inch.

Sew on buttons on opposite side of sleeve, cris cross loops to attach to mug.