I love this hat! I love the colors, the pattern, and of course that big, fluffy pom pom right on top that adds a burst of joy and color to the whole thing! This hat is seriously so adorable, and after watching the tutorial below, I know you’ll be able to complete it in no time.

Doesn’t this hat just look so warm and cozy? I really love the use of alternating colors while doing rounds of spike stitches for the base of the hat. It really brings everything together in the end!

If you don’t have a pom pom maker, don’t worry! We learn how to make our own pom pom using two pieces of cardboard and some string. That’s it! Once you get the hang of making your own gigantic pom poms, you’ll want to add them to everything. I know I do! Check out the easy to follow video below and see for yourself. Happy crocheting, friends!