Watch and Learn As She Makes A Blanket The Kids Will Love!

The best thing about this tutorial is that it is a two for one!

Chances are, you know a few people who have jumped on the Pokémon bandwagon; you may even be the one obsessed! Hey, no judgement here. Either way, this tutorial will show you how to make a fun and easy gift for all of the Pokémon trainers in your life.

The best thing about this tutorial is that it’s a two for one! Jayda will show you how to incorporate the Pokéball design into a granny square pattern, and she will also show you how to create a Pokéball appliqué that can be stitched onto an already existing project. Plus, this pattern only takes about twenty minutes to complete for each square. Win win! Want more quick and easy granny square projects? Check out this video on three projects to do with granny squares!

Have you ever crocheted anything like this before? Share a photo of the finished project in the comments below!