Piecing, Design and Picking Fabric For Your Next Sophisticated Scrap Quilt

Not sure how to turn that fabric stash into a sophisticated quilt design?

When it comes to designing your next project, what’s your favorite part? I think most of us would agree it’s the moment when we can finally walk into the fabric store and do a little shopping. Am I right or am I right? Scouring the shelves full of bolsters are fabric is what I would imagine it would be like to walk into heaven.

When it comes to picking out the fabric to use, we love Edyta from Craftsy’s Rule of Five:

  1. Big Print
  2. Medium Print
  3. Small Print
  4. Stripe
  5. Polka Dot

Once you have options that meet the above criteria, you can take some of your prepared pieces to see how they work together. Check out the below video for even more great tips!!