How Would You Round Over This Angled Edge?

See what Steve does to problem solve!

Isn’t this picnic tray just gorgeous? I love the utility of this tray – from the removable utensil holder to the weighted napkin holder in the center. What makes projects like this so fun is the care and attention to detail. Sure, you can pick something like this up in stores, but it probably won’t be exactly what you’re looking for.

Steve, for example, chose to not have the bottom flush with the frame and instead chose to let the frame stick out a little bit. He also went with an angled edge and round edging.

Now, you probably know that he used a round over tip in his routing table, but it’s not at easy as it looks! If he wants all of the edges to be rounded over, including the insides, he’ll need to do some problem-solving. He can’t round all over to the edge or else it won’t fit together just right.

What would you do in this situation? See how Steve solves this issue in the video below!