How To Make A Pickle Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

All you need to make this is 1) a variety of pickles, 2) multiple long, sturdy skewers, and 3) a vase to throw them in.

2019 is the year where everyone came together as a collective and decided that they were done with the normal bouquets of old. Whether you are into donuts, beef jerky, cotton candy or all of the above, there is a bouquet out there with your name on it. That is for sure! Now, the pickle bouquet has arrived and to be honest, we are not quite sure how we feel about this.

The pickle is certainly not an obvious choice for a bouquet but it’s not like any of the aforementioned options are, either. Grillo’s Pickles is based in Boston. They have created an option that allows us to enjoy the true majesty that is associated with a decision of this nature. While the bouquet is not currently for sale, it has become the topic of conversation nonetheless.

Photo: Grillos Pickles

Can you blame people for being interested? We definitely can’t. The spears and pickle chips that were used to create the bouquet are available all around the country. This allows you to fashion your very own if that is what you are into. All you need to make your own bouquet is a few pickles, some quality skewers and an adorable vase to bring it all together.

If you are feeling even fancier, there are other options that can be made available to you. Fresh flowers and dill are a great way to dress up the bouquet even further. Those who are looking to create the bouquet without any herbs can put it together for roughly $30. That is a steal of a deal if you ask us. This is about the same price as a dozen roses.

Photo: Grillos Pickles

Let’s be honest with each other here. A bouquet of pickles is a much better idea than a bouquet of roses. It is also way more useful. We would be much happier if we got a bouquet of pickles instead of a bouquet of flowers. These arrangements are truly inspired, allowing us to step away from the usual Valentine’s doldrums and truly enjoy ourselves.

Be sure to share this story with all of the pickle lovers in your life as soon as possible. They are definitely going to want to create their own bouquet as soon as they have learned about the ins and outs of the process. The process of creating the bouquet is much simpler than you might realize. All you need is the aforementioned items and a little bit of ingenuity.