Get Beautiful Quilts With Perfect Points Every Time Using This Technique!

This technique may seem complicated at first but as with most things, practice makes perfect! Paper piecing involves printing the block pattern on thin paper, and sewing in layers, while folding. Eventually the paper needs to come off, but it acts as an easy guide to those flawless lines and perfect points. Go ahead and watch this short tutorial and see how it’s done! Angela Walters, of Craftsy, does an excellent job explaining the process, as well as giving helpful hints and tricks along the way. For example, remember to shorten the stitch on your sewing machine! A length of 1.0 will make it easier to rip out the paper later on. We can’t wait to see all of the gorgeous quilts you’re going to make with this new technique in your quilting tool belt!

Have you ever tried your hand at paper piecing? Let us know in the comments below!

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