Grab A Handful Of Peppermints And Make This Simple Holiday DIY!

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If your closet full of holiday decorations is anything like mine, chances are you have a few of these peppermints floating around in a tub of broken ornaments and burnt out Christmas lights. I think technically the shelf life of a wrapped peppermint is about 99 years, but who wants a stale mint? Instead of throwing the mints out (or serving your holiday company leftovers from last year), turn them into this awesome candy bowl! Yes, a candy bowl made out of candy. How meta! A few of these candy bowls make a great table accent for any dinners you’re hosting over the holidays or a fun way to spruce up a side table at a party!

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The key is to bake the peppermints just enough so they are plyable but not completely melted. If they turn into liquid, you’ve overbaked! You want the peppermints to retain their shape, but be bendy. That way, when you mould them around the bowl, they’ll stay in place and cool rather quickly. Once the peppermints are cool, they will retain the shape of the bowl!

How fun would it be to get a few different colors? A red bowl, a green bowl, a mix of each! This method works for any hard candy, not just peppermint, so feel free to get creative and mix and match your candies to get exactly what you’re looking for!

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