Start With An Old Towel And A Few Stitches To Get This Essential Pet Accessory!

These would make an excellent gift for any dog owners in your life!

No matter what time of year it is, our pets always seem to find the muddiest, slushiest, grossest parts of the yard to play in and then they drag their muddy paws throughout the house! Now I don’t know about you but if you’re anything like me, seeing those dirty paw prints right after you spent hours cleaning the house will make you cringe! I love my pets, but there has to be another way!

Enter: The pet mitten. All you need is a couple items that you most likely already have around the house, and a sewing hand, then there you have it, your very own pet mitten. The end of dirty paw prints is in sight! These are so handy to hang up by the door so you always have something to wipe down those paws before your pet escapes and tears through the house. Plus, these would make an excellent gift for any dog owners in your life!

Materials Needed:

– hand towel

– thread

– ribbon

– sewing needle


1. Fold your towel in half, and start to sew shut the bottom and side so that you are left with a large pocket.

2. Take a piece of ribbon and sew that on to one of the corners of the open side to use as a handle.

3. All done! Hang your pet mitten near the door so that you can wipe your furry friends paws when they come in from outside, and escape from all those dirty paw prints on your clean floors!