PERFECT Red, White, And Blue Decor… Using Old Sports Equipment!

It’s so easy to accumulate heaps of unused sports equipment. Repurpose them as home decor with these patriotic updates!

It’s so easy to accumulate sports equipment throughout the years and end up with a heap of unused bats and balls. And if you don’t already have the necessary items, they can be found fairly inexpensively in secondhand stores! Here we’ll show you some of our absolute favorite patriotic ways to repurpose those sporting goods your family is no longer using.

1. Painted Flag Golf Balls

Have a bucket of old golf balls laying around? They look perfect (and adorable!) with just a little red and blue paint! This would also make a GREAT gift for any golf enthusiast.

2. Golf Ball American Flag

My husband would go crazy for this! If you have a large wall space and some time on your hands, this is a worthwhile project that will last a lifetime. If you’re not into using tees as stars, you could use blue golf balls instead.

3. Golf Ball Centerpieces

Such an easy, but gorgeous centerpiece that will cost you next to nothing! All it takes it some pretty jars and a little bit of paint. I can’t WAIT to use these at my next 4th of July party.