Patriotic Mason Jar Candle Holder: Just In Time For Your Memorial Day Grill Out!

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I love the shabby chic look of these candle holders! I’ve seen similar products at boutique shops for $30 each, so these are definitely a budget friendly alternative. This tutorial used acrylic paint, with varied results, but it would be even faster and easier to use red, white, and blue spray paint. The key is to have plenty of the little dots or stars on the first layer, so lots of light shines through! I just love the soft glow these candle holders give off. Perfect for an evening on the porch after a grill out!


– Three mason jars

– Contact paper

– Painter’s tape

– Star hole punch

– Regular hole punch

– Scissors

– Red, White, Blue craft paint

– Tea lights


Randomly sprinkle two jars with dots, and one jar with stars punched out of the contacts paper.

Coat all jars with white paint.

Create evenly spaced stripes with painter’s tape on the two jars with the dots.

Paint what’s left red.

Stick larger stars cut outs of stars on the remaining jar with the smaller stars.

Paint blue.

Once jars are dry, peel of the painter’s tape and all of the dots and stars.

Stick tea lights in and enjoy a festive evening on the porch!

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