It seems like we’re always looking forward to the next best thing, the newest iPhone, the latest trends, always wanting to stay ahead of the curve. We want to know what the future holds, but sometimes we forget that we are truly living in an incredible age! Not that long ago, people couldn’t fathom things like the internet or cell phones. Most of us remember a time we didn’t have either, and yet now, it feels like we almost couldn’t live without them! We have a few predictions from the earlier part of the twentieth century that came shockingly close to the way we live life now in the twenty-first century!

In the 40s, for example, there was a challenge to a handful of famous designers to predict what fashion would be like in the year 2000. While some outfits were ridiculous and gaudy, others hit the mark. The picture above, for example, shows how one designer thought skirts for women would be out of style altogether. And while that’s not entirely the case, pants are easily the more popular option for the modern woman.

This next prediction is that of a modern bathroom. The narrator of the video says, “There might even be such impossible things like a fully electric razor and an electric toothbrush! Imagine that!” It’s easy to see some of the big changes in history – like communication and mass transit, but even the little things like hygiene products really have come a long way in the last 60 years!

Ah, yes. The home office of the future. Sure, today there might not be quite so many screens, but the idea is there all the same. The tour of the home office of the future includes a screen where you can electronically view the news from multiple sources around the world, and even print your own copy. Imagine that! There’s also a screen that shows you the latest weather, a screen that can be used as a video chat, and then, of course, a screen to do your day to day work from.

This last prediction is that of future TV. The man shows us a portable machine that is separate from the TV that can play your favorite reels of film whenever you want. The TV itself features a much bigger screen, while at the same time having a slimmer design. The man ends his speel by saying, “One day, the TV may even be slim enough to hang on a wall!”

Watch the video below to see what other future predictions the past got surprisingly right!