Onions are a very popular vegetable and have been around for thousands of years! You know that onions are a tasty way to add flavor to your favorite dishes, but did you know onions have medicinal purposes too? Or that they were thought of as a powerful aphrodisiac back in ancient Greece and India? Read on to find our more about this interesting veggie!

Symbol Of Eternal Life

Onions are some of the oldest vegetables around. They were grown by ancient civilizations and used in all sorts of interesting ways. The Egyptians even used onions in their burial ceremonies because the spherical structure of the onion was thought to symbolize eternal life!

Medicinal Value

Onion juice was used as an antiseptic for thousands of years and even used to disinfect soldiers during several famous wars. Onion juice can also increase blood flow when applied directly to the skin. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that rubbing onion juice on their skin made them stronger and faster.

Eliminate Onion Breath

Do you love onions and garlic in your food, but hate the stinky breath they give you? Quickly eliminate onion breath by eating fresh parsley!

Land Use

Currently, over 9 million acres of land are used to grow and harvest onions worldwide. An average of 74 million tons of onions are produced each year!

Lots of Varieties

You may know about yellow, red, and white onions, but have you heard of Bermuda onions? How about Egyptian onions? There are 27 types of onions in total!