Turn Old Magazines Into Works Of Art With This Fun Project!

Have fun with this project, and make sure to get the kiddos involved too!

How fun are are these little wall hangings? The process is so simple – draw and cut out a basic shape, select magazine pages, roll, tape, glue, and cut! We stuck with basic shapes and big rolls of magazine pages, but this craft really could be as small and detailed as you want. For a more fine-tuned final product, we suggest printing out a detailed silhouette and cutting small strips out of the magazine pages to start rolling. You’ll probably want to use glue instead of tape since the rolls will be significantly smaller.

No matter which version of this project you decide to do, you’ll want to make sure and select brightly colored pages to roll up! Pay attention to the edges of the pages, as most of the image will be rolled up, so the only color that will actually show will be the strip on the edge of the page. Have fun with this project, and make sure to get the kiddos involved too!


– Magazines

– Strong paper & frame (or canvas / board)

– Hot glue

– Pattern

– Tape

– Scissors


1. Draw & cut out silhouetted shape.

2. Tear out magazine pages, fold in half twice to make four small rectangles.

3. Start rolling, keep the magazine as tight as possible. Tape the end to avoid unraveling.

4. Hot glue the roll ups to the silhouette. Once it’s covered, trim off the extra magazine pieces.

5. Glue magazine silhouette to paper or canvas.