$0 Bedroom Makeover Miracle

See how to redo your space using only what you have on hand!

Are you looking to update your space, but have zero money in the budget for a makeover? You’re in luck! Today we have an awesome tutorial that shows us what a difference furniture placement, organization, and redecoration can have on any room in the house!

The best part about this video is that it isn’t done by some professional interior designer, it’s just one friend wanting to help another friend out. We have a lot of resources at our fingertips when it comes to design ideas and decoration. All this lady did in the video below is apply some of that knowledge in order to create a better flow in the room.

One of the most helpful tips we learn in the video below is how to arrange things so they look artistic and purposeful. If you happen to have a lot of clutter in your room or a lot of little knickknack items, it can easily become overwhelming and start to take over the counter space or table top. Instead of just grouping random things or piling everything in a corner, try arranging items in groups of three, with varying heights. This gives the impression of a purposeful and thoughtful arrangement instead of scattered and unorganized.

Go ahead and see what other tips and tricks there are in the video below, and see the final reveal!