12 Creative No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas Anyone Can Do

If you have a pumpkin but still haven’t gotten around to carving it, you might want to consider putting away the knife.

Social media has been flooded with pumpkin pictures this year. October is here and Halloween is not very far away.

If you have a pumpkin but still haven’t gotten around to carving it, you might want to consider putting away the knife. There are so many options for decorating a pumpkin with paint, paper props and it could be fun for the entire family. It’s a lot safer than carving the pumpkin, although you may want to chew on some pumpkin seeds while you are doing the work.

You will find some of the most creative no-carve pumpkin ideas on Instagram below. They can inspire you to try one yourself or perhaps to make something up that isn’t on the page.

1. Cactus pumpkin


You can throw together one of these cactus pumpkins without any problem. All you need is some colored paper, spray paint at a hot glue gun. The Aww Sam DIY blog has instructions to get you started.

2. Unicorn pumpkin


It looks like unicorns do exist and they can land on your front porch. Grab your craft supplies and glitter to get started. Spray paint the pumpkin white and glue on the ears made from felt. Modeling material can be used for the hair and horns. You can use this tutorial for more details.

3. Lego pumpkin


If you have a love of Legos, you can make this pumpkin easily. Just grab some yellow and black paint, glue and a plastic jar lid. Check out the Handmade Charlotte website for more ideas.

4. Funny Faces


You can give your pumpkin a face without using a knife. Just use the supplies you have on hand to create a DIY version. Some supplies to consider are felt, construction paper and modeling material.

5. ’80s pumpkin


It’s time to get nostalgic with this pumpkin idea right out of the 1980s. Use the template on the Barley & Birch website to make the shades.

6. Trolls


It doesn’t matter what member of the family enjoys the Trolls movies, or if you just happen to remember the toys from your childhood, you can use this idea to make your porch look festive. Just try using some faux fur and googly eyes. Craft Create Cook can help you make it a success.

7. Melted crayons


If you’re looking for a colorful and bright pumpkin, this design is just what you need. Put the pumpkin in the oven for a while and then color them while they’re still hot. The wax will melt right away. Check out the Hello, Wonderful Website for More Details.

8. Harry Potter


This pumpkin is a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, which just happens to be this year. You can see the tutorial on this video.

9. Poison apple

It looks good enough to eat but you would be better just putting it on your porch. You can see the simple DIY project in detail on this website.

10. Pumpkin spice latte


If you go out of your way for pumpkin spice, then you want this design for your porch. Use paint and cotton for the DIY and then top it with a straw or two.

11. Fox


Make your pumpkin into a fox that is sweet and innocent looking but still sly. You can check out the tutorial on Simple As That for more details.

12. Mummy pumpkin

Photo: Hands on as We Grow

A roll of gauze and large googly eyes can create these pumpkins that are great for the porch. Check out Hands on As We Grow for more information