We’ve all had those moments in life where we want to gorge on cookie dough. Whether it’s a lonely Saturday after a tough breakup, a Friday night snuggled up with a movie or any day in between, cookie dough is always there for you. Now, instead of taking the risk of consuming cookie dough by the tube, you can eat it safely by the pint!

That’s right. You can now purchase cookie dough in both Peanut Butter Monster and traditional Chocolate Chip flavors.


Those who shop at Publix can already grab this delectable treat with a rollout that is slated to continue at select Wal-Mart locations, Meijer stores, and other regional grocery chains.


Best of all, the price is right. You can pick up a pint for roughly 5 bucks. This seems like a fairly small price to pay for some of the finest snacking known to (wo)man. It also won’t give you Salmonella, which is the biggest concerned with consuming raw cookie dough.


If you still need more convincing that edible cookie dough is something you can put on your grocery list, you can listen to the words of Nicole Beurkens, Ph.D., CNS, a board-certified nutrition specialist: “While most people don’t contract [E. coli or salmonella] from eating raw dough, the risk is there and for some people, these infections can be very dangerous. A cookie dough made without raw eggs and with heat-treated flour, which kills the bacteria, addresses these potential safety concerns, and is, therefore, safer to eat.”