6 Natural Ways to Eliminate Aphids

6 Natural Ways to Eliminate Aphids

Have aphids moved into your yard? These little pests can do a number on your garden. They carry disease and spread it between plants. One of their favorite hobbies is sucking the sap out of leaves, ridding them of nutrients. If you’re sick of battling aphids in the garden, we’ve got some tips to help you send them packing. There’s no need to coat your plants with harsh chemicals. There are a number of natural solutions that are far more effective!

Lay a Solid Foundation.

Aphids are far less likely to feed off of strong, healthy plants. Keep your garden nourished by fertilizing, watering and planting in rich soil. Mulch to keep weeds at bay, and make sure the entire space is kept tidy.

Attract Predators.Ladybugs and lacewings support your aphid-control mission. They naturally prey on aphids. So do hummingbirds. Place a hummingbird feeder in your garden or buy a large supply of ladybugs to build a line of defense.

Strategic Planting.Aphids love fruit trees, tomatoes, lettuce and potatoes. On the other hand, they hate mint, chives, garlic and onions. Try planting aphid favorites beside plants that deter them. “Companion planting,” as it’s called, can help repel aphids from your yard.

Make Insecticidal Soap.Mix water with liquid dish soap (steer clear of detergent). A ratio of 1 quart of water per 2 tablespoons of soap seems to work best. Put the mixture in a spray bottle that’s been cleaned of any prior chemicals it contained. Spray your plants thoroughly, paying special attention to hit the undersides of leaves, where aphids tend to hide. Let the solution dry for a few hours, and then rinse it off with water.

Hose Them Down.One simple solution is to grab a garden hose and blast the aphids with water. Plan to do this in the morning, so there’s plenty of time during the day for sunshine to dry off the plants and prevent mold growth. Repeat the spraying every day or two, as needed.

Natural Sprays.You can create potent vegetable or herb-based sprays to effectively eliminate aphids. Mix water with tomato leaves, garlic, pepper or any fragrant herbs. The stronger the scent, the more likely it will zap away the pests.