Why You Should Bury A Raw Egg In Your Garden

See why, and find out other ways to improve your soil!

Sure, you can buy expensive treatments and chemicals to add to your soil, but there are lots of natural and inexpensive ways to enrich your soil with things you probably already have around the house. In the video below, we’ll see all the benefits of layering raw eggs in your garden or planters before planting. You can even save empty egg shells and use them to plant seedlings. Once the seeds start to grow, simply plant the whole thing the garden – shell and all!

We’ll also see several other methods of enriching soil the natural way. Banana peels add phosphate and calcium, while ash from the fireplace can raise pH levels in the soil. For a comprehensive look at soil, how to diagnose issues, and how to treat soil issues, check out our article on 11 Reasons Your Leaves Are Turning Yellow (And How To Fix It).