We’ve all been there: sometimes our art projects don’t quite (or at all) live up to our hopes. For many these pieces get tossed or reworked, but some artists have the courage to actually finish these train wrecks. And, that’s where the Museum of Bad Art comes in. The staff get donations from all kinds of people, many of whom find the artwork at yard sales or in dumpsters, because surprisingly, there is no shortage of bad art in the world.

In the Boston neighborhood of Somerville, Massachusetts, the museum, located fittingly in a basement, showcases those works of bad art that stop people in their tracks. But, the museum’s director says they are constantly on the look out for fakes. That’s right, they believe they can spot fake bad art and that there certainly is an appreciation learning curve for the worst of the worst. Take a tour of the Museum of Bad Art (and their amazing archives) in the video below from CBS Sunday Morning.