Mini Aquariums

These mini aquariums will perk up any dull work space.

What does your desk at work look like? Have you added little bits of decor to make your work space more friendly and tolerable for an 8 hour work day? Potted plants and pictures of family and friends are a good go-to when decorating a desk, but we’ve got something with a little charm and character that is sure to offer the occasional mental health break that we all need while grinding out another day at the office.

It can be especially hard to be stuck inside all day, with nothing but the walls of a cubicle to stare at. And coffee or lunch breaks are often too short to satisfy the need to have a little “time-out” from the computer screen. For this reason, it’s important to cultivate a little sanctuary for yourself at your work space. We’ve got a fun idea: mini desktop aquariums. These are an absolutely adorable way to perk up a desktop and give yourself a mini mental vacay.

Mason jars work well for this easy craft and allow for a slightly larger habitat to be created. We also found an adorable jar that is shaped like a light bulb, making the aquarium whimsical both inside and out! You can put pretty much anything in your aquarium: we chose to use colored aquarium gravel, some craft beads, and tiny moss balls. Next, simply add water! Mini desktop aquariums require little to no maintenance. While this isn’t a replacement for a real vacation, mini desktop aquariums do offer a little something that is as enjoyable to look at as it is easy to make.


  • Mason jar and/or light bulb jar
  • Colorful aquarium rocks and decor (like a colorful tree)
  • Craft charms
  • Mini moss ball (optional)


  • Fill bottom of jar with aquarium rocks, aquarium decorative pieces (like a colorful tree), then add craft charms and mini moss ball.
  • Fill with water and screw on cap.
  • Note: if using mini moss ball, water will need to be changed monthly to maintain freshness.