Melted Crayon Pumpkin Decorating

Ooey-gooey wax drippings will make your pumpkin pop!

Carving pumpkins at Halloween is a beloved tradition of the season. We’ve found a way to decorate pumpkins AND make use of a few broken crayons that we have around the house. Melted crayon decorating is a fun little project and a great way to add a pop of color to your usual carving routine. Watch our video for a how-to on melted crayon decorating.


– White pumpkin

– Crayons

– Craft glue

– Hair dryer

– Exacto knife


– Prep a work-space.

– With an Exacto knife, cut and peel off crayon wrappers.

– Break crayons into smaller pieces.

– Using craft glue, adhere crayons to pumpkin, close to the stem. Allow glue to dry, approximately 10-15 minutes

– With a hair dryer, melt crayons over top of pumpkin, moving the direction of the heat to spread color. Be aware that there will be some splatter.

– Repeat process until satisfied with appearance.

Note: We’ve used real pumpkins were used here. Faux pumpkins will also work and are available at a craft store.