Lovely Lights: Easy Mason Jar Craft

Mason Jar Lights 1000x523

There’s no doubt about it – mason jars are so in right now. And we’re jumping on the mason jar bandwagon. With all of the hundreds of mason jar inspired crafts out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth the hassle! These mason jar prism lights were really easy to assemble, and they look amazing both as candle holders, and also just as decorative jars! The hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry before putting these guys to good use.

Watch the short tutorial below, and check back for more mason jar crafts!


– Mason Jar

– E3600 glue (or any glue rated for use on glass)

– Glass stones


Wash and dry mason jar

Place a small dot of glue directly on glass stone

Secure stone to mason jar

**Tip: Work in sections, applying pressure to a group of stones until the glue is mostly dry. Turn jar and start on another section. Glue will not be 100% bonded until the next day.**

Add twine or ribbon embellishment for added flare.

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