Easy Mason Jar Candle Tutorial

Mason Jar Candles Resized
These candles were surprisingly easy to make, and the supplies were relatively inexpensive – about $25 for four candles, assuming you have mason jars, a funnel, and a thermometer on hand. That’s a great deal considering I’ve seen similar candles sell for $30 each! Not to mention my favorite part about DIY projects: you get to make whatever you want! Blue coconut and lime? Yes please! Vanilla, cinnamon, and cardamom? Count me in!


– Candle wax

– Dye blocks

– Scented oil

– Wicks

– Funnel

– Thermometer

– Mason Jar


Melt wax completely in double boiler over medium heat, until it reaches 180 degrees.

Remove from heat, and add ¼ – ½ block of dye, stirring until dissolved.

Allow dyed wax to cool to 175 and add scented oil, mixing well.

Let wax continue to cool to 120 degrees.

While wax is cooling, arrange wicks by wrapping the top around a skewer or toothpick to hold it in place.

Once wax is cooled to 120, use funnel to pour the wax from the pot to the mason jar, saving about a ½ C of wax. **Leave room at the top of the jar so that the wick can be trimmed, and still have room.**

Let cool 30-45 minutes, the center will start to sag.

Poke holes near the wick to allow air bubbles to escape.

Reheat remaining wax to 175 and pour it into the jars to level the tops.

Allow 3-6 hours to completely cool, then trim the wicks and decorate the jars!

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