Get The Marbled Look Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!

marbled feature
How cute are these marbled heart dishes?! They would be perfect to hold a set of rings or a little tea light. You could even make them bigger and have the bowl hold some festive potpourri or chocolate! These are the perfect accent to add to any room during Valentine’s Day for an extra special touch. I just love the marbled look, and with different colors, you could totally redo this craft for a fun year-round accent! It’s so much easier to achieve the classy marbled look than I originally thought, plus this technique is super forgiving. If you don’t like exactly how it’s turning out, just stretch and fold a few times to get a whole new look. Try it out for yourself!


– Sculpey clay in various colors: white, light pink, fuchsia, and red.

– Heart cookie cutter, or a knife to cut the clay

– Small dish

– Rolling pin

– Paint brush

– Gold paint

marble process


1. Grab a chunk of each color of clay. Roll around and knead with your hands until it is soft and ready to be molded.

2. Roll out these chunks into coils, about 1/4” – 1/2” thick.

3. Combine all of the coils into one big coil with all of the colors.

4. Twist the big coil in opposite directions, like you’re wringing out a wet rag.

5. Now roll your big coil into a ball, and flatten with a rolling pin until about 1/4” thick.

6. Cut out hearts. Roll excess clay into a ball, add more white, and repeat rolling and cutting out shapes until all of the clay is used.

7. Take a small glass or bowl, and lay the heart over it to curve the heart. Bake as instructed and let cool.

8. Once cooled, paint edges with gold paint.

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