How To Turn Old Magazines Into Jewelry!

You won’t believe how easy this project is!

You won’t believe how easy this project is! Making beads with old magazines is super fun and they can be used on multiple projects. I just love all of the different looks you can get, depending on your style preferences. These beads can come together to make an eclectic bracelet, or you can have a more unified style with all one or two color beads. I personally love the beads make out of the text portion of magazine pages. How many of you know some bookworms that would love a necklace made out of printed words?

We found that using an X-acto knife was much easier than trying to cut out the different shapes with scissors. You can try a kid-friendly version using construction paper, a glue stick, and pencils or chopsticks. You’ll need to adjust the measurements a bit – instead of cutting 1/2″ strips, try 1-2″ strips. This will make it easier to roll. See what we did in the video below, and get inspired to start your own beading project! Get the full instructions with different bead shape ideas below the video.


– Assorted paper and magazine pages

– Mod podge or glue

– Paintbrush

– Scissors

– Toothpicks/q-tip


1. Cut paper into ½”-¾” strips, about 6” in length. Try out different designs:

2. Apply glue to the wrong side of the paper with a paintbrush.

3. Using your toothpick or stick, start at the wide end of the paper strip and begin rolling. Go slowly and evenly, making sure to smooth out paper and keep edges even.

4. Let dry for 8+ hours, loosening the bead from the stick every few hours to keep from drying.

5. Once dry, coat with a layer of clear fingernail polish to give a glossy, protective finish.

6. When polish dries, use as jewelry or embellishments for other projects!