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3 Things Machine Quilters Should Stop Doing

There are a million tutorials out there for tips and tricks on machine quilting. That’s part of what we love about this hobby – there are always new things to learn and more efficient ways to accomplish the goals we set. However, as important as knowing what to do is, it’s equally as important to know what not to do when it comes to machine quilting. Here are three things you’re probably doing that you should stop ASAP!

Don’t Compare Your Worst To Someone Else’s Best

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“Comparison is the thief of joy.” How true is this when we’re quilting, or really when we’re doing anything? Whether it’s looking on social media and seeing how one person is so productive, or another one is such a great mom, etc., etc. The same is true of our hobbies, like quilting. People are only going to share their best work, but that doesn’t mean that every quilt they make is flawless, or that they don’t have a trail of mistakes on other quilts along the way! That’s how we all learn – by making mistakes. So give yourself some grace!

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