Lots of Slime: Galaxy Goo

4 super simple ingredients come together to create an entire universe of fun!

Explore a universe of wonder and sensory play with this great interactive “toy” – galaxy goo! A few swirls of food coloring and a dash of glitter make this experiment out of this world. Not only is this galaxy goo recipe extra sparkly, one of the best parts of making “starry” slime is the sticky snapping sound that it makes as hands dive in to manipulate the goo. You’ll only need 4 household ingredients to whip up an awesome galactic adventure!

There is one super secret ingredient to this activity, the “fuel” to the fun, if you will: liquid starch. Liquid starch helps to solidify the glue in a way that allows it to be manipulated. We enjoy this experiment not only for its creative potential, but also for the little bit of science that goes along with the project. Kids can dive into a world of scientific inquiry as they explore the substance itself while also asking questions about anything “galactic”. This is a great rainy day activity, sure to inspire a world of wonder and exploration.


-3-4 bottles Elmer’s clear school glue (5 oz) – one bottle for each color

-½-¾ cup Sta-Flo liquid starch

-Food coloring (several squirts until you get the desired color)

-Glitter in a variety of colors


-Empty a glue bottle into a bowl. Add food coloring and glitter. Mix well. *Clear glue works best, but add white glue if you want to lighten up any of the colors.

-Add liquid starch in small increments, stirring after each one to ensure it is mixed in well. (Note: after the first few increments, you’ll need to use your hands to knead the starch in – like bread dough.)

-Do a “stretch test” after a few increments have been added. Less starch = more stretch, more starch = less stretch. Add enough starch to make the goo as stretchy or as stiff as you like.

-Make a few more batches in different colors. For the galaxy feel, try black, turquoise, violet, and white. Present to your “astronaut” to do the final mix of all the colors.

-Store in an airtight container to play with later.