Listen To Music While You Read

What would be on your reading playlist?

What do you need to create the right reading environment? A comfortable chair, good lighting, maybe a cup of coffee or tea and a light snack? How many of you listen to music while reading? Music and reading have quite a bit in common. If you think of just metrical patterns alone, music and poetry go hand-in-hand, any musician or poet will attest to that. Listening to music while reading may help to drown out all those other distractions that are going on in our reading environment: the busy chatter of a coffee shop or a remodel going on at a neighbor’s house are noises that might distract us from really diving into a good book.

Music is often recommended for students. We all know about lullabies to soothe restless or sleeping babies. And what treadmill or gym workout would be complete without a steady beat from the music to keep us moving. Reading and music can work well together. If you’re someone who enjoys a little light music as a background to reading, then we suggest playing this video the next time you settle in for a good read. Now, it may seem strange to suggest playing a video while reading, but this isn’t what you’d expect. It’s often hard to find the time to read, let alone the right environment, so any little suggestions or aids to help get us into the right reading frame of mind are very much appreciated.