Learn How To Sew A Sleeve To On Your Quilt For Hanging!

Sometimes, we make a quilt that we’re so proud of that we just have to hang it up; but how do you do that without damaging the quilt too much?

As much as we love to make quilts and throw them on our bed or lay it out in the spare room for our future guests to enjoy, sometimes, we make a quilt that we are just so proud of that we have to hang it up!

We often get asked about how can you hand up your quilt in a way that won’t damage the quilt too much? Well our trusty friend Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company is here to show us how to sew a sleeve to the back of our quilts, that will allow us to hang it without putting too much strain or pressure on it! Sound like what you were looking for? We thought so!

Follow along in the video below and when once you’ve made your sleeve and hung up your gorgeous quilt, be sure to take a picture so we can see too! We definitely want to take in that gorgeous quilt too!