Learn How To Make A Puff Stitch Flower!

You may have learned how to make a standard flower, but now learn how to make a puff stitch flower!

We showed you how to make standard flowers before (it is here, if you need a refresher), but now we are here to tell you about the puff stitch flower.

This technique gives you a more substantial flower that you can still use decoratively, but that also lends itself really well to being crocheted together into a beautiful, super flowery and colorful blanket. Since these flowers are thicker than other types, when sewn together, they can provide more warmth and comfort.

Regardless, what we do know is that whatever you make will be a hit no matter what, and leave everyone asking where you bought that, and then in disbelieve upon hearing you made it yourself!

Watch as B.hooked Crochet walks us through the process, then send your photos in to us so we can see all of your puff stitch creations!