We’ve all been there – a load of laundry just got done and you’ve finally mustered up the energy to fold it, so you open the dryer to transfer the clothes to the laundry bin, and you get shocked! No one likes static cling and the shock that comes with it. Sure sometimes dryer sheets help, but have you ever heard of the aluminum foil ball hack?

It’s pretty much exactly what you’re thinking – roll a nice sized ball of aluminum foil and throw it in with your load of clothes in the dryer. This will eliminate static cling, as it takes the positive charge out of the clothes as they rub together in the dryer.

Another great laundry hack is putting tenis balls in with your fluffy laundry. This can mean stuffed cotton like pillows, or down comforters, or puffy vests. Without the tennis balls, the stuffing can get all lumpy, effectively ruining the item. But, the tennis balls help keep everything nice and fluffy throughout the wash!

Go ahead and watch the video below for even more awesome laundry hacks. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!