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Woman Gets Label Maker As A Wedding Gift And Labels Every Single Item In Her Home

We have all gotten a gift in our life and loved the fact that it was just what we needed. We may have not even known that we needed it but once we have it, our lives are never the same.

That is what happened when a man and his wife got his sister a label maker. She was busy making sure everything in her home was properly marked.

“My wife and I got my sister a label maker as a wedding gift…then this happened,” Joe Arroyo posted, along with a number of pictures. He wanted people to know that she was putting the gift to good use and she went wild. Lida Martinez, his sister, started to label everything in her home and to give them all unique names.

Here is a classic example. She wanted to label the eggs but she decided to label them as ‘really young chickens’. I guess I won’t be eating any eggs for awhile.

Photo: Facebook / Joe Arroyo

She then labeled the detergent as ‘laundry sauce’. I think I’ll be using this name from now on. It just sounds so much better.

Photo: Facebook / Joe Arroyo

Photo: Facebook / Joe Arroyo

She also made sure everyone knew where the ‘raw toast’ and ‘bread moisturizer’ were in the home. Personally, I leave my bread moisturizer out on the counter so it doesn’t tear the raw toast when I try to spread it.

Photo: Facebook / Joe Arroyo

Arroyo says this is just something that the entire family does. They always come up with the strangest jokes. “Growing up, we could easily have an entire conversation at the dinner table while speaking only in movie quotes.” So, why buy her a label maker for her wedding? “Lita already had a running list of clever names for various things, collected from memes and what not, and would commission others to come up with some additional ones over the past few years. It’s always been kind of a running joke. We saw her post something with alternative names for spices and immediately knew what to get her as a wedding gift.”

I can just picture this new wife taking her husband by the hand and walking around the home thinking: ‘I’m going to label everything I own’. Her husband would then just step aside and let her go o work. “She has a way of getting everyone around her to brighten up,” her brother said. I’m sure the marriage will be a lot of fun with this sense of humor behind it.

Here is another reason to love what she did.

Photo: Facebook / Joe Arroyo

Here is another that most parents have probably thought of many times in the past. She just had the thought to label it.

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”960″ height=”960″ class=”size-full wp-image-259802″ /Photo: Facebook / Joe Arroyo

The garbage disposal even got it’s own name. This home will never be the same.

Photo: Facebook / Joe Arroyo

Finally, she hits the coffee maker with the best label, ‘Awake water’

Photo: Facebook / Joe Arroyo

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