Must know writing tips: How to kill off characters

When that character’s time has come to an end…

While the topic of killing off characters may seem a bit strange, and truthfully, if taken outside of this particular context, yes, it would be, but when we’re talking about fictional writing, this is an important technique to know and understand. As Jenna Moreci points out in the below video, let’s just be clear: this is fictional writing, nothing about this is real and we do not condone violence in any way in real life. Are we clear? Good.

Now, let’s start off by noting that killing off characters is very subjective and will be very particular to each story, but if there’s one thing we can say before getting to the video, let it be this: do not kill of characters that are pointless to the story you’re writing. Instead of killing off those characters, go back and remove those unnecessary characters; they don’t need to be there.

Check out the below video for more great tips and leave any additional tips you may have in the comments below.