Tour The Mysterious Kansas Gnome Homes

What a heartwarming story of one community bonding over a magical forest!

It’s always fun to go exploring in a new neighborhood, or even in a familiar one. This picturesque, midwestern town of Overland Park, Kansas, has a few unexpected gems only visible to those who know where to look. Let’s take a peek at these whimsical gnome homes! The story of community and the mystery of who is behind all of this will melt your heart.

You might not even notice the little colorful doors at the base of the trees in this forest at first, but once you stumble upon the magical little homes, you’ll never be the same. Truly, these are little works of art, with amazing attention to detail! One home even has little boxes labeled with “Acorn Movers.” How cute is that?

As amazing as these little homes are, the story of how they got there – and how thely continue to pop up – is incredible. Follow along in the short video below to meet the families who were struggling in this small community, and how one act of kindness started a chain of “pay-it-forward” actions that helped bring healing to all those who were involved.