Grab Your Favorite Charm Pack And Quilt Along With Jenny!

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This is such a fun quilt! And it’s perfect for a baby blanket! As you’ll see, this particular quilt uses both cotton and flannel. It’s always tricky when mixing fabrics because generally, one will stretch more than the other. In this case, the flannel will stretch more than the cotton, and also it will shrink more if you wash it – so don’t pre-wash your pre-cuts! You have to be careful and make sure to select a flannel that is tightly woven. We get a super helpful tip for how to select tightly woven flannel – just hold it up to the light and if you can’t see any light shining through, you have a nice, tightly woven flannel.

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In this tutorial, Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company shows us how to build this quilt block using a very familiar pattern – the half square triangle! That’s right, this entire quilt could not be easier. It’s all pre-cuts and half square triangles! As you’ll see in the video below, each square is made up of four half square triangles that have been cut in half and flipped. Go ahead and check out the video below, and don’t forget to share a photo of your Jumping Jacks quilt with us in the comments below!

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