Use This Trick To Join Binding Ends Flawlessly!

Have you ever had trouble with your binding? If you’ve ever quilted, I’m sure the answer is a resounding, “YES!” You’ve put in all the hours of quilting, picked out the right pattern, the right fabric, and stitched love into every inch of your quilt and then – the binding is off, or the corners are uneven and bumpy! In the video below, we get some expert advice on joining binding ends using a special technique, and as an added bonus, we learn how to get the perfect mitered corners. I love the way Julie walks us through these tips so effortlessly. Go ahead and get some pro tips from an experienced quilter, and have the confidence to finish your quilt with class and style!

Once you’ve mastered the binding, why not take your quilting to the next level with these hand quilting hacks!

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