Boy Told ‘Not To Doodle In Class’ Gets A Job Decorating Restaurant Walls

The boy would often get in trouble with his teachers for drawing during class.

We all probably doodled as kids – but I doubt any of us were as prolific at doodling as 9-year-old Joe Whale. For years, the child has filled notebook after notebook with drawings of faces, monsters, and anything else that comes to his imagination. His parents have always been encouraging of his doodling pursuits – but not everyone was as thrilled about his drawings.

Joe often would get in trouble with his teachers for drawing during class. Realizing that their child was brimming with creative energy, his parents made the choice to enroll him in an after-school art class. It was during this class that his teacher recognized Joe’s innate artistic abilities and posted some of his work on Instagram. After this, something wonderful befell this artistic doodle master.

Number 4, a restaurant located in Joe’s hometown of Shrewsbury, saw the work that his teacher had shared online. The restaurant invited him to come down to their establishment in order to decorate the dining room with his doodles. Naturally, Joe was more than happy to illustrate their walls – making it all original artwork. This modern-day Michelangelo would get his father to drive him over to Number 4 every day after school in order for him to doodle with a marker for a couple of hours.

“Joe does have books where he hits down his ideas when he has them,” his dad, Greg, explains, “but I would say 80% of this has just been off the top of his head.”

Of course, he isn’t a one-hit-wonder and he still continues to draw.

You can follow him and his artwork on Instagram under the username, The Doodle Boy.