This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Lauren Novak.

As many people are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, late-night talk show hosts are no exception. While some shows are shutting down production altogether, Jimmy Fallon is hosting The Tonight Showfrom his home! His wife is acting as the camerawoman and his kids are truly stealing the show.

Jimmy has two little girls with wife Nancy Juvonen. The other night, The Tonight Show aired with footage from Jimmy’s home. His girls, Winnie and Franny, made jokes and climbed all over the talk show host as he tried to film the show. Other parents can definitely relate!

Jimmy Fallon is filming The Tonight Show at home with his wife and kids

Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

His oldest daughter drew The Tonight Show logo and wrote all of the names and websites with glittery crayons. During the episode, Jimmy interviewed Lin-Manuel Miranda via Zoom, a video chat website. Lin-Manuel also has kids of his own, so the two joked about how they aren’t getting much work done at home. He joked, “I’m not getting work done. I’m learning how to teach math!”

Lin-Manuel Miranda / YouTube

Jimmy admitted that he wanted the show to go on because he wants to help people laugh during tough times. He said, “The show must go on is kind of the thing that we learned back when I did SNL. I was thinking back, probably the last time I felt something like this was probably 9/11 and I was on Saturday Night Live then and I looked to my late-night hosts, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien and David Letterman, to see what they’re doing. I’m so happy that they were there for me.”

Jimmy and daughter / YouTube

Jimmy said he will continue to host the show at home for the time being. Many celebrities are joining him via video chats to do interviews, sing-alongs, and other fun segments! Thank you to Jimmy for giving us some “normalcy” in a not-so-normal world right now.

See the hilarity in the video below.