QUIZ: What Do You Call People from Each of These States?

These common demonyms may seem entirely alien to those who don’t live in these states!

A demonym is a nickname for the inhabitants of a particular city, state, or country. Every state, country, and city has a demonym, and some have several, each one adopted for a different reason.

Some demonyms are easy to guess, of course. Someone from Texas would be called a Texan. You could say a person who lived in Tasmania was a Tasmanian. And of course a common demonym for Hawaii is Hawaiian.

Others aren’t nearly as simple to guess. For example, did you know people who were born in Florida sometimes call themselves Crackers? What about the inhabitants of Michigan, who could be called Wolverines, Michiganians, Michiganites, Michiganese, or Michiganders?

Do you know what people from Maine are called? What about the residents of Alaska? If you think you know these demonyms (or want to find out what they are), click “start” below! We’re sure you’ll get at least a laugh or two out of this quiz, if nothing else.

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Good luck!