Inspired By Nature: Learn How To Crochet A “Flower Of Life” Shawl!

Looking for a project to test your crocheting prowess? Check out the tutorial and make your own beautiful shawl!

If you look around, you will see that you are surrounded by a lot of inspiring things found in nature. Flowers and plants that have a beautiful symmetry to them, snow flakes with their ever unique forms, spider webs and their fragile strength…. If you let it, these small details can influence your creativity and leave you with a lovely finished product. In this case, a “flower of life” triangle shawl.

While some might think of crocheted pieces as being bulky (we’re looking at you, throw blankets!), this project is a reminder that crocheting can also result in something light and delicate. To create your own shawl, follow along as Donna shows us the ropes…you’ll be proud of the finished result and others will be impressed by what you were able to make–we can’t wait to see photos of your creations!